Jeep Pickup To Share Stage With Honda Ridgeline, Not Chevy Colorado

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It is an exciting time to be a Jeep fan as the carmaker is about to launch a brand new pickup truck. The name of the vehicle is unknown at the moment but all will be revealed when Jeep unveils the vehicle in the coming months.

Even so, we don’t have to wait until then to understand that the pickup truck from Jeep is going to be unique rather than traditional. We are convinced about this when we viewed the latest spy shots on the pickup truck in development and it saw the vehicle featuring a one-of-a-kind roof.

If you are to observe the photos closely, you will see that the roof looks like the concept from several years ago and it can be folded, removed and stored depending on the user’s preferences.

It goes to say that Jeep is hunting for originality with their pickup truck project, much like the Honda Ridgeline. The latter was at first hated for its soft and car-like offerings but it has proven its worth as the Ridgeline is capable of going rugged as well.

As for the Chevrolet Colorado, it will continue to serve Americans with traditional offerings like raw power and a boxy design. This is something that Jeep is somehow not targeting with the future pickup truck.