Jeep Pickup Truck Comes Early & Costs A Dime!

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If you are a pickup truck fan, then you should be aware that Jeep is currently developing a brand new pickup truck that is based on the Wrangler. The pickup truck is expected to be a midsized model and it is likely to make its debut next year.

But then again, you don’t have to wait until then to get a pickup truck experience from Jeep. There is already a Wrangler-based pickup truck made available today and it is one from American Expedition.

The 4×4-focussed publishing firm has developed a special customization package that can turn your brand new Wrangler into a midsized pickup truck. The restructuring will change the way the Wrangler looks as American Expedition will remove the rear half of the vehicle before replacing it with an open bed.

It is a simple change but one that is tough to pull off. On a separate note, you will get a Wrangler-based pickup truck that drives exactly like a standard Wrangler. Everything sounds alright until we realized that the vehicle costs a whopping $42,000. Perhaps, it is better to just wait for the official thing.