Jeep Pickup Truck: Don’t Call Me A Wrangler!

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Jeep has already expressed their strong interest to develop and produce a brand new pickup truck in the near future. Jeep further revealed that the pickup truck could get produced at the Toledo Plant, alongside the Wrangler.

This has got the rumours suggesting that the pickup truck will be nothing more than a Wrangler that comes with a bed attached at the rear. Well, the rumours are actually wrong as the pickup truck won’t want any Wrangler labels attached to it.

This was confirmed by Jeep earlier today when they revealed that the pickup truck needs to shape its own original identity instead of just being another variant of an existing vehicle.

Seeing Jeep venturing to produce something new is certainly exciting and we can’t wait to learn more about the pickup truck. The details are expected to surface at the next Mopar Easter Jeep Safari event.