Jeep Pickup Truck Joins Honda Ridgeline In Unique Venture

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The pickup truck scene here in the US is no longer like how it was a decade ago. Aside from the Chevrolet Colorado and Silverado, various other pickup trucks today are more focussed on becoming unique rather instead of being glued to old traditions.

The latest Honda Ridgeline is the best example for this as the pickup truck came out with FWD and a car-like cabin but it is still capable of becoming a work horse. Soon, Jeep will be launching a brand new pickup truck and it looks like the vehicle is going to be unique too.

If you have checked out the spy shots surrounding the pickup truck from Jeep, you will notice that the vehicle is going to have a removable roof. This is something that is rare to come by in the pickup truck market and one that will serve Jeep well.

The ability to remove the top on a pickup truck does sound exciting and it may just give the pickup truck from Jeep an edge over its rivals. We are also expecting more unique features coming with the vehicle aside from the foldable roof.

The pickup truck from Jeep will be looking to make its debut early next year but we may just get further information on the vehicle at the LA Auto Show in a fortnight from now. Are you excited?