Jeep Pickup Truck Looks Up To Honda Ridgeline, Not Chevy Colorado

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The thing about pickup trucks in the US today is that the segment is fast diversifying as it evolves from the traditional pickup truck offerings from the past. One example to prove this point is the size of midsized pickups.

In case you haven’t noticed, the midsized pickup trucks today can be described as full sized pickups if they are to get released ten years ago. Even so, most pickup trucks today are still tailored for the traditional rugged, all-power mentality and this is evident with the Chevrolet Silverado.

The only odd pickup truck right now is the new Honda Ridgeline as it looks past the need of 4WD or AWD in favour of a front-wheel biased system. It started out awkwardly for the Ridgeline on the sales front but the pickup truck is now making greater gains as it grows on the consumers.

Because of this ‘phenomenon’, we are thinking that the upcoming Jeep pickup truck will be more like the Ridgeline rather than the Colorado. The vehicle will come with some exclusive features that are unique and one-of-a-kind and this has been teased through the spy shots.

If you are to check out the latest shots here, you will see that the pickup truck is going to come with a roof that may be removable. It is a pretty interesting feature and one we believe that Jeep can pull it off. So, is it right to say that the upcoming pickup truck from Jeep is going to be unique?