Jeep Pickup Truck Plans To Break Tradition – Just Like Honda Ridgeline!

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It is no secret that Jeep is developing a brand new pickup truck and if you are imagining a Wrangler-looking vehicle that has a bed attached at its rear, you could be wrong.

We say this because Jeep is hoping for the pickup truck to be more than just a traditional ute. The carmaker has said before that their future pickup truck will be special and unique from what the market is currently offering.

For a second there, we really thought that we were talking about Honda. This cannot be helped because Honda said the same thing for the latest generation Ridgeline and it saw the pickup truck getting good ratings despite running on a FWD-biased drivetrain.

So, what will be the unique thing about Jeep’s pickup truck? Well, we might have an answer and it is through the latest spy shot on the vehicle. As how you can see in the link, the pickup truck looks like it will be coming with a foldable cum removable roof.

If our observation is right, then the pickup truck from Jeep will truly be special as it has been a very long while since we last saw a major ute coming out topless. Are you excited?