Jeep Pickup Truck Set To Team Up With Honda Ridgeline, Not Chevy Colorado

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Jeep has confirmed that they are developing a brand new pickup truck and the vehicle looks set to get unveiled next year. The thing is that the pickup truck is not going to be tailored with the traditional pickup truck offerings as it looks to become a unique member in the segment.

Multiple spy shots surrounding the vehicle are strongly suggesting that the pickup truck from Jeep is going to come out with a removable roof. If you are to check out the spy shots, you will notice that the roof design is exactly like the ones on the Jeep Chief Concept from a couple of years ago.

With such a unique offering, the Jeep pickup truck can separate itself from the commoners such as the Toyota Tacoma and the Chevrolet Colorado. The thing is that the pickup truck won’t be alone in this venture because the latest Honda Ridgeline also skipped the traditions for a more unique setup.

The Ridgeline operates on a front-wheel biased drivetrain and it also has a car-like cabin. It got many hating on the Ridgeline back on launch day but the pickup truck from Honda managed to grow on the consumers. Perhaps the same can be said for the upcoming Jeep pickup truck.