Jeep Renegade Beats Ford Escape Where It Matters

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The Jeep Renegade is one of the few vehicles that are able to divide the entire automotive community. Those that loves the Renegade really likes what the vehicle has to offer whereas those that hates the Renegade can easily come up with a long list on why the compact SUV is a bad choice.

Either way, it won’t matter at all because the Renegade has been named as the best 4×4 compact SUV for 2017 by none other than 4×4 Magazine. The off-road-focused publishing firm revealed that there are no other vehicles in the compact SUV segment that can outdo the Renegade on the rough terrain.

For us, we are surprised by the result because there are a couple of newly-launched vehicles that may have a better off-road system than the Renegade. We are referring to the 2017 Ford Escape, which is now equipped with a more advanced Control Trac system.

But then again, 4×4 Magazine may have known something we don’t hence the victory still belongs to the Renegade for the second year in a row. The timing of the victory cannot be better as we are expecting the Renegade to go through a mid-cycle refresh next year. Do you agree with the result?