Jeep Scrambler Begins Ford Ranger’s Death Countdown!

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The midsized pickup truck scene is about to get a whole lot more exciting later this year as Ford is about to bring back the Ranger nameplate through a new generation model.

The next-gen Ranger promises to be a revolutionary midsized pickup truck that will look to mimic the success of the F-150 in the full-sized scene. The advantage is with the Ranger as both the Toyota Tacoma and the Chevrolet Colorado are beginning to show its age.

But then again, things are not expected to be a smooth ride to success for the Ford Ranger as the vehicle still has to prepare for a big fight with other newcomers. Among them is the Jeep Scrambler, which promises to bring the Wrangler’s off-road ability into the midsized pickup truck scene.

Such a promise has raised the expectations on the Jeep Scrambler and it gets more exciting when spy shots surrounding the vehicle suggests that we are not far away from it debut. So when will the Scrambler get released?

According to a new report from AutomotiveNews, the Scrambler is targeting Q2 2019 as its debut date and this is a few months after Ford begin deliveries of the next-gen Ranger.

We certainly can’t wait to see which vehicle will dominate the midsized scene once the Ranger and the Scrambler make their respective debut.