Jeep Scrambler: Niche Goal Is A Big Mistake!

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Go big or go home, am I right? Someone should probably remind Jeep of this quote, especially after reports are suggesting that the upcoming Scrambler is going to be a low volume production midsized pickup truck.

The Scrambler is a pickup that is based on the Wrangler and while this may raise the vehicle’s prospects for success, Jeep is allegedly snubbing the opportunity by turning the Scrambler into a limited volume vehicle.

If this is for real, I will be left depressed thinking about the decision because all I see is the potential to make it rain gold with the Scrambler. Now why would Jeep be going against that direction by limiting production?

The reports explained that it is because of the plant limited capacity paired with Jeep’s cautious approach with the Scrambler. A Wrangler-based pickup truck isn’t a new idea in the market hence they are wary of the vehicle’s tendency to turn into a miss rather than a hit.

Well, Jeep should also know that sales are greatly influenced by pricing – something which I find most Wrangler-based pickups have got it wrong in the past.

The Scrambler is likely to be priced similarly to the Wrangler and while it may be slightly more expansive than a Toyota Tacoma, you will be happy to have a more off-road capable pickup truck on your side.

Many are already excited for the Scrambler hence it would be a mistake to turn the vehicle into a niche offering in the midsized scene. At least, that is how I feel.