Jeep Scrambler Prospects Boosted By Wrangler’s Dominance!

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It is official. The all-new Jeep Wrangler has achieved a strong start in the market and it even created new records. Aside from having a stellar all-terrain performance, the new Wrangler has done the unexpected and it is to achieve a monthly sales figure that is on the same level with the Toyota Camry.

Just to fill you in, the Camry has never missed the top 3 positions on the global sales charts hence seeing the Wrangler being 100 units behind the Japanese midsized sedan is worthy of a major celebration.

For all we know, the achievement with the Wrangler will only paint a positive picture on the upcoming Jeep Scrambler. The latter is the next major vehicle to come from Jeep and it will be a pickup truck that is based on the latest Wrangler.

Pickup trucks are the current hot-sellers here in the US and when combined with a Wrangler’s ability to go all-terrain, it can allow the Jeep Scrambler to turn into a gold rush. The Jeep Scrambler is expected to get fully unveiled in Q4 this year and the pickup truck will become available for purchase in 2019.