Jeep Scrambler To Mirror Wrangler Diesel Makeover?

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The Jeep Scrambler is not out yet but that isn’t stopping the rumours from claiming that the vehicle will be getting a diesel variant several months after it has made its debut.

These rumours made such a claim based on the way Jeep is handling the newly-launched, new generation Wrangler. Jeep has revealed that the Wrangler will be offered with a diesel powertrain but the option will only be available later this year.

With Jeep being keen on diesels, they are likely to pass the mill around their camp and this will affect the Scrambler. The pickup truck, when powered by diesel, can also be marketed as a heavy duty working class vehicle by Jeep hence giving them an edge over rival pickup trucks.

But as of today, Jeep has not made any official reveals in regards to the Scrambler Diesel hence you should take the rumours with a pinch of salt. Do you think that the Scrambler Diesel will happen?