Jeep Scrambler Trackhawk Writing Off Ford Ranger Raptor’s Chances!

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The midsized pickup truck segment is about to get a whole lot more exciting as Ford is bringing back the Ranger through a new generation and this will be followed by the release of the Jeep Scrambler.

Both pickup trucks share the same goal and that is to dominate the pickup truck scene but only one of them can be named as the champion so will it be the Scrambler or the Ranger?

If the hype meter is to be referred to, the Ranger is on the front foot of things as the vehicle is receiving strong anticipation from the public. It cannot be avoided as Ford has pledged to release the Ranger Raptor alongside the standard Ranger rather than holding the ultimate model for a later release.

The Ranger Raptor is hoping to mimic the F-150’s recipe for success and it plans to do so with the aid of a high-output diesel powertrain. Such an offering will make the Ranger Raptor unique in the segment thus giving it a strong advantage over its competitors.

Despite the strong prospect to do well, we don’t think the Ranger Raptor will be enough to outperform the Jeep Scrambler. This is due to the latter having the DNA of a Wrangler which makes it safe to assume that the vehicle will have the best all-terrain ability around.

Off-roading is a core requirement for an all-American pickup and the Jeep Scrambler will definitely score big on this front. But when it comes to sales, however, we don’t see the Scrambler doing better than the Ranger and this is due to Ford’s clever marketing techniques as well as their habit to stick a competitive price tag on their vehicles.

Jeep is weak on this front and the company has been riding on their off-road reputation to acquire reasonable sales.

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  1. justamessenger

    April 6, 2018 at 9:59 am

    I sincerely doubt the Scrambler will best the Ranger Raptor off-road. Look at the break-over and departure angles!