Jeep Scrambler: Why Toyota Tundra TRD, Ford Raptor Should Worry…

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The Jeep Scrambler is the Wrangler-based pickup truck that is in development and many can’t wait to check out what the vehicle will have to offer.

Jeep has already started piecing together the Scrambler alongside the next-gen Wrangler at the Toledo plant and the pickup truck is en route to make its debut next year, right after the release of the next-gen Wrangler.

Seeing that Jeep is interested in passing the Trackhawk moniker around, we may just see the Scrambler coming out with a trim that relies on the 707hp Hellcat-sourced V8 engine. Such a setup can put the Scrambler in competition with the Tundra TRD and the Ford F-150 Raptor.

Heck, early videos of the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk demonstrating its performance is enough to convince us that the Scrambler Trackhawk is going to be extremely fast should it get developed.

The Grand Cherokee Trackhawk can hit 60mph from stop in just 3.4 seconds. If the Scrambler can do it under 4 seconds, it will definitely have the prospects to outpace the Tundra and F-150. Will this happen?