Jeep Scrambler: Wrangler-Based Pickup With Doubtful Off-Road Ability

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Jeep has confirmed that they are developing a brand new pickup truck that is based on the Wrangler and the vehicle is called the Scrambler. Since it is being made by Jeep with the Wrangler’s DNA, many are expecting the vehicle to come out with the best-in-class off-road ability.

As much as we would want that outcome, the off-road ability of the Scrambler is now being questioned by a handful of off-road enthusiasts and they have raised some interesting points based on the spy shots surrounding the vehicle.

If you are to check out the photo above, you will see that the Scrambler is excessively large in size. It got some off-road enthusiasts quoting that there is too much rear overhang thus signaling poor departure angle. This can cause damage to the spare tire.

Despite these worries, we can’t write off the Scrambler as an off-road failure just yet as we need to see the vehicle in action first. That is expected to happen later this year when Jeep officially unveils the Scrambler.