Jeep Trackhawk vs 800HP Escalade: Which Is Fastest?

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Drag race is not a great tool of measuring how good or fast a vehicle is but it does offer great entertainment value as well as a rough idea on vehicles that can go faster on the straight line.

While it may not make any sense to compare SUVs on the drag strip due to their poor aerodynamics, we have been curious to see the latest Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk getting into some stiff action with a worthy opponent.

The Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is widely praised for being the world’s fastest SUV and this is owed to the 707hp V8 engine that it runs on. On the other hand, the title of world’s fastest is still debatable as the Trackhawk has yet to prove its worth where it matters – in a race.

Well, that was the case today when we witnessed the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk competing in a straight line challenge against a modified Escalade. The latter is an SUV from GM but it has been tuned to offer 800hp.

This is way more than what the Trackhawk can offer but will it be enough for the Escalade to claim complete victory? Find out below.