Jeep Wrangler Bullies BMW Into Parking Lot

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BMW cars are some of the best vehicles on the planet but the same can’t be said for their drivers. Many video evidences have suggested that BMW has got the biggest population of inconsiderate drivers.

This has resulted in a number of labels being stuck on BMW drivers such as the inability to use turn indicators as well as bad parking skills. The stereotype surrounding BMW drivers is really strong and it got a handful of hateful drivers taking justice in their own hands.

The latest incident involves a BMW that is poorly park at an open lot which led to a Jeep Wrangler driver taking personal action against the vehicle. The Wrangler owner rams the BMW with his car which led to the luxury vehicle sliding perfectly into the parking lot. However, the action caused a huge dent on the said BMW.

Personally, we don’t support this move as the BMW at the lot felt easy to forgive. The parking area is huge and there aren’t many cars around hence it is brutal of the Wrangler to punish the car.