Jeep Wrangler Can’t Cope With Owners Like This

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The Jeep Wrangler may have won various awards for being the best vehicle in the off-road market but that didn’t prevent the unworthy drivers from buying the vehicle. This is unfortunate really as the drivers are shaming the iconic Wrangler through making bad off-roading decision.

We saw this happened again today when a Wrangler got stuck in a large pool of mud before the driver decided on a something ridiculous to pull the Wrangler out of the sticky situation.

So, what wrong did the owner do to his 2016 Wrangler Rubicon? For starters, he attempted to tow his vehicle sideways which basically resulted in an obvious rolling over of the vehicle. The second major mistake is hooking the tow lines on the side body panel instead of the intended areas. This basically caused the body to get ripped apart.

It is a string of bad decisions from the owner and it is quite embarrassing to watch if you are a fellow owner of a Wrangler. For a car that is famed for its off-road skills, the owners are not doing so good at all.