Jeep Wrangler: Can’t Decide Between 2017 Or 2018?

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Because the next-gen model isn’t far off, it would be tempting for potential Jeep Wrangler buyers to tighten the purse strings and avoid the 2017 model. If they’re doing so for the sake of improved fuel efficiency and newer tech, that makes sense.

However, if the reason for their wait is enhanced styling, better interior comfort, or improved reliability, they’re practically wasting their time. It’s reasonable to expect the Wrangler to be a tougher off-road adventurer, but comfort and reliability aren’t aspects the Wrangler thrives on.

Poor reliability ratings have not stopped Jeep from besting its own sales achievements, so there’s really no reason for the automaker to invest a lot more effort into making sure the Wrangler isn’t as problematic as before.

Plus the Wrangler has never been known for comfy rides, so don’t expect anything new this time around. In terms of design the Jeep is doing all it can to make sure that its iconic 4×4 doesn’t stray from how it currently looks. The only changes to the 2018 model are more prominent front bumpers and a windscreen that slants a little more.

Aspects of the Wrangler that would significantly improve are its mileage numbers and performance figures. Besides being more aerodynamic, the off-roader would be a lot lighter than it currently is through the use of more aluminum components. Greater power would come from a new 2.0L turbo-four engine.