Jeep Wrangler: Don’t Get Duped By This Knockoff

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What you are looking at above is a 4×4 SUV from China that is developed by BAIC and many have described the vehicle as a carbon copy of the Jeep Wrangler.

We can’t help but to agree with this as there is too much Jeep Wrangler on the BAIC BJ. But of course, we can still tell that the BJ is not a Jeep Wrangler due to some trademark design elements. However, a warning is still needed as there will be some individuals that may mistake the BAIC BJ for the Wrangler.

These folks need to be alerted on the matter, especially when the BAIC BJ has landed in North America. Although it is still pending to cross into the US, its close proximity is already hurting Jeep’s image in the region. It doesn’t help knowing that some may mistake the BAIC BJ for the next-gen Wrangler.

The best solution for this is with the next-gen Jeep Wrangler. The upcoming Wrangler will need to expose the BJ for being a clone and doing so will surely give the vehicle a boost in the market.