Jeep Wrangler Enjoying Bronco-Free Market!

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The Jeep Wrangler can be said as the most successful affordable, all-terrain SUV and this is mostly owed to the fact that there isn’t a real competitor for the vehicle. With no direct rivals to contest with, the Wrangler is able to become the bestselling 4WD SUV around.

Many are expecting this to change once Ford brings out the next-gen Bronco but without any real knowledge on the vehicle’s arrival date, the Wrangler can be at ease while making it rain gold for Jeep.

April 2018, last month, further pushed the Wrangler to a new record-high as Jeep managed to move 29,776 units. This translates to a 58% improvement over the achievement of April last year thus brining the YTD numbers to 85,280.

Until Ford unveils the next-gen Bronco, we are not expecting sales to slow-down for the Jeep Wrangler. The vehicle will continue to dominate 4WD SUV sales that may put the market at risk of saturation ahead of the Bronco’s return.