Jeep Wrangler Held Consumers Hostage To Pricing

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It is official. The Jeep Wrangler is the bestselling SUV in April last month and it’s even more amazing when you realized that the pickup truck is only 100 units short of Toyota Camry’s sales figures.

There are a number of reasons that can explain this phenomenon and one of them is with the attractive, new generation Wrangler. But then again, more credits belong to the previous generation Wrangler which is being sold alongside its successor.

Jeep made the decision to resume selling the old Wrangler for another year in a move to clear their inventory and it saw the vehicle going off with a record-low price tag. The move has paid off as those on a restricted budget has decided on getting the Wrangler – even when it is an aging model.

A report went as far as suggesting that the majority of buyers that have settled for the older Wrangler have waited a long time for the deal.

This probably explains why sales of the Wrangler declined by a steep margin towards the end of 2017 hence making it right to say that the buyers were held hostage by the vehicle’s pricing.