Jeep Wrangler: How Raw Truth Made It A Gem At Superbowl

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The Superbowl is not just a place for sports as it offers a platform for carmakers to showcase their best ads. We can simply call it a duel of commercials and we have to say that Jeep has won it big time this year.

The carmaker showcased a 30 second clip of the new Wrangler and it doesn’t tell anything much about the vehicle. There are no numbers, no gimmicks and no scoping on the ‘attractive extras’ on the Wrangler.

Jeep simply kept it simple by showing the Wrangler going through an all-terrain path without breaking a sweat – something which the Wrangler is famous for. It is smart play from Jeep as they simply showed everything good about the Wrangler via real world visual means.