Jeep Wrangler Pickup: Off-Roading Hopes Dashed By Size!

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The Wrangler-based pickup truck is the next big thing to come from Jeep and many can’t wait to see what the vehicle will have to offer.

Since the vehicle is based on the Wrangler, many are expecting the pickup truck to offer the best off-road experience around and many can’t wait to see a demonstration of it. But today, there are fewer hopeful faces for the Wrangler Pickup Truck and this is due to the vehicle’s size.

As how it can be seen in the latest spy shots, the length of the Wrangler Pickup is really long and this may cause problems when off-roading. One off-road fan commented that there is too much rear overhang thus signaling poor departure angle. This can cause damage to the spare tire.

You can check out a photo of the latest spy shot here and share us your thoughts on the above. Will the Wrangler Pickup Truck fumble in the unforgiving terrain?