Jeep Wrangler: Popularity vs Safety!

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A couple of days ago, we were handed the keys to the latest generation Jeep Wrangler and it was an unforgettable experience we had.

It’s just amazing that Jeep is able to give the Wrangler a modern feel without making any huge changes on the vehicle’s performance. Despite having a more refined driving ability, the Wrangler kept its familiar driving feel.

It is no wonder why Wrangler fans can never hate the vehicle. The SUV is just so good and it has preserved it’s timeless identity.

The only setback with the Wrangler is with its safety. IIHS handed the Wrangler the lowest safety score and this can repel away any potential buyers. Heck, those that have heard of the safety score took it online to discuss if it’s worth ignoring it to own the popular vehicle.

Safety is now a huge priority for new car buyers and the Wrangler is giving these folks a tough time when purchasing the vehicle. What would you do?