Jeep Wrangler vs Honda Pilot: It’s An Upset!

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The Jeep Wrangler and the Honda Pilot are two midsized SUVs that are very different to one another and they both have their sets of pros and cons.

To keep things brief, the Wrangler has a better-rated performance and this is thanks to its drivetrain which can handle the toughest terrains around. The Pilot, on the other hand, is not exactly fun to drive but its superb balance in power and fuel economy makes it a valuable family hauler on the daily.

If the focus here is a typical daily driver, the winner will obviously be the Honda Pilot. But for popular consumer outlet Kelley Blue Book, it is the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited that offers the best cost-to-own value over the duration of 5 years in the midsized SUV segment.

This is quite a surprise for us because the Wrangler is often takes a beating on unfriendly terrains hence they are more prone to damages. The average repair cost on the Wrangler is definitely higher than a simple vehicle like Honda Pilot but KBB’s data suggests otherwise.

So, should you consider the Wrangler over the Pilot?