Jeep Wrangler vs Nissan 300ZX: When Justice Fails

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The Nissan 300ZX is considered as an icon in the performance market and this is despite of the fact that the car is not made for the US. The 300ZX is just so popular that some individuals here in the US actually made an effort to bring them over from Japan.

But regardless of the 300ZX status in the industry, one Jeep Wrangler owner had no intentions to close one eye on a misbehaved 300ZX. This particular Jeep Wrangler owner has got a reputation for serving justice to inconsiderate drivers. We have seen him in action before when he used the Wrangler to physically push a BMW into proper parking position.

Earlier today, the same Wrangler found the 300ZX parking in an inconsiderate manner. The car was reverse parked hence the Wrangler tried to deliver justice by parking head first so that he can blocked the ‘main entry’ into the 300ZX.

What the Wrangler owner didn’t realize is that the 300ZX is a JDM imported car hence it has the opposite driving configuration. The owner of the 300ZX spotted his car being blocked by the Wrangler but he managed to escape with ease due to the driver-side door being on the other side.