Jeep’s Baby Renegade A Response To Suzuki Jimny?

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About a couple of weeks ago, Japanese news outlet reported on a brand new all-terrain body-on-frame SUV coming out later this year and it is the next-gen Suzuki Jimny. The Jimny promises a beautiful design in a subcompact package and many can’t wait to see how the vehicle performs.

The buzz surrounding the Jimny was pretty loud that Jeep must have heard about it as well. This would explain Jeep’s sudden desire to build a smaller all-terrain SUV that will get slotted below the Renegade.

The reveal on this upcoming vehicle was made earlier today and Jeep even said that they will have a concept to show to the world before the year ends.

But of course, knowing that small vehicles don’t work well, Jeep is not likely to sell the Jimny here in the US. They will instead follow the Suzuki Jimny’s method of carefully selecting the region to launch the mystery SUV.