Kia Forte: Solid Reliability Takes A Huge Hit

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The past couple of years have witnessed Kia making leaps on the reliability charts. Consumer Reports’ reliability ranking placed Kia at third spot behind Lexus and Toyota, hence making them number two in the affordable segment.

This is an amazing accomplishment and Kia cannot be more thrilled for it. The carmaker made it clear that they want to be number one at everything they do and this is something which they will work on in the near future.

Well, we were excited for Kia until today when the carmaker was shot down from the sky by an electronical issue that has plagued their cars. The issue has caused a recall involving a whopping 507,000 cars and Kia is notifying the affected owners as we speak.

The Forte has taken the larger slice of the recall and the blame goes to an electronical fault that can deem the safety airbags non-functional. This will certainly have a negative consequence on Kia’s reliability.