Kia Niro EV Admits To Underestimating Range!

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The Niro EV is the next big thing to come from Kia and we have been tipping the car to be a game-changer in the entire EV scene.

It cannot be avoided as the Niro EV was tipped to have a competitive range of about 238 miles and it has a structure of an SUV. Looking at the market right now, the SUV trend alone will be enough to push the Niro EV into breaking sales record in the electric scene.

Today, we are more certain that this will be the outcome and this is after Kia officially announced the true maximum driving range with the Niro EV. The carmaker said that the Niro EV is rated at 280 miles and this is really impressive for current EV standards.

It appears that the 238 miles estimation is based on the Niro EV prototype that rides on a smaller battery pack. The US-bound production model will have slightly bigger battery capacity thus explaining the massive range bump from the initial expectation.