Kia Niro EV Is A Decent MSRP Away From Killing Nissan Leaf!

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The South Korean EV uprising is happening as we speak and it won’t be long before the upcoming Kia Niro EV make its debut on US soil.

This is a vehicle that is hoping to become a game-changer in the market and it has the advantage of being an SUV as well as a flexible configuration. Based on the unveiling of the Niro EV at Busan yesterday, we can expect Kia to offer the vehicle with two battery options.

The first, as we all know, is a 64kWh battery that can offer 236 miles on a full charge. The second is a 39.2kWh battery that will be offered on lower trims and this pack can cover 149 miles.

The latter is something new for the Niro EV and it has a figure that belongs in the same league with the Nissan Leaf. Seeing that the latter can be obtained from $23,000 after rebates, the Niro EV will need an attractive pricing to beat its Japanese rival.

If Kia can deliver that, they can expect the Niro EV to sell like hotcakes and this is especially since SUVs are better received by consumers than compact cars. It’s simply Kia’s game to lose.