Kia Niro EV: Is It More Techy Than Motory?

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Kia has said before that the Niro will mirror the Hyundai IONIQ closely and this points to the development of a pure EV variant. The Niro EV is expected to make its debut later this year and we now have more information about the vehicle.

It appears that Kia is going to bring out the Niro EV at the upcoming CES 2018 – a tech-theme convention. The major tech event may seem like the least attractive place to unveil a vehicle and it greatly suggests that the Niro EV wants to be known for its technology rather than driving capabilities.

Well, we can understand this decision from Kia because there is not much to say about the performance of the Niro EV. The car is likely to run on the same EV setup that is on the IONIQ EV so you can expect a similar performance with the vehicle from Kia.

On the tech front, however, Kia is eyeing to show off its state-of-the-art human-machine interface and an advanced new motion lighting system that will feature on the Niro EV.