Kia Optima: It’s Dangerously A Lit Car!

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The Kia Optima is described as one of the best affordable midsized sedan in the market for those that aren’t interested in a Japanese make or the dull offerings in American models. The Optima offers a premium-like driving experience without being a typical choice from the consumers.

All is great with the Kia Optima until you realized that it is the car that is exposing the cracks within its maker. It was revealed earlier today that the Optima from 2011-2014 have suffered an alarming number of fires based on a research from Consumer Reports.

The good news here is that these are not crash-related fires. The bad news is that fires are never good and it raises a huge concern towards Kia, as a whole. It’s pretty-much a big blow to owners as CR has named Kia as the second most reliable affordable car brand…only to realize that the Optima had just came off a fatal engine defect and non-functioning air bags.

These are things that don’t make a car or a brand reliable hence we are assuming that there is going to be changes coming to the reliability charts.