Kia Soul Is Too Outdated For Nissan Leaf

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Kia has announced on the development of several new electrified vehicles and this includes an improved Soul.

The EV hatchback from Kia will be getting some upgrades that will enhance the car’s driving range, taking the total figures to a new high for the model. With 130 miles of range, the 2018 Kia Soul can finally match the current bestseller, the Nissan Leaf.

But even with such an improvement, the Soul can’t last long in the fight against the Leaf. We say so because Nissan is about to launch a new generation Leaf that will have at least 240 miles to offer. What’s worst about it is that the Soul is still more expansive than the current Leaf.

The upgraded driving range on the Soul is nice to have but it looks outdated when standing next to the Nissan Leaf. It is a bummer really because Kia could have done better.