Kia Stinger Buried By Audi S5 Sportback Really Quickly

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There was a big question mark over the Kia Stinger GT when it was announced. How could Kia ever dream of developing a vehicle that’s deemed a contemporary to the Audi A5 Sportback? Well, it has arrived with a promising 3.3L biturbo V6 that churns out 365hp and 376lb-ft torque.

Those figures actually put the S5 Sportback at a disadvantage as the German hot hatch delivers only 354hp and 369lb-ft torque in comparison using its 3.0L V6. That’s really surprising and impressive from Kia, right?

The Stinger’s output is quite hefty, but it seems that the S5 Sportback would still win in a race as the Korean performance sedan takes longer to reach 62mph from a standstill. Compared to Audi’s time of 4.5 seconds, the Stinger needs a good 4.9 seconds to touch that speed.

That’s likely because the Sportback gets the upper hand via launch control, and perhaps its 8-speed Tiptronic auto transmission is superior to Kia’s own 8-speed auto. At least the Stinger’s sprint time matches the 300hp BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe which, according to Car & Driver, clocks 0-62mph in 4.9 seconds as well.