Kia Stinger Comes With Honda Colour Trouble!

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One way to maximize income from car sales is through limiting certain colours to certain trim levels. It is not something which consumers are happy about but this never stopped several carmakers from practicing this method.

Honda, in particular, is the biggest fan of limiting colour options and it looks like their rival from their neighbouring country has started to follow suit. Kia had just launched the Stinger and we had just learned that the vehicle is pretty limited on the base trim.

With a price tag that starts at $32,795, the Stinger is certainly an attractive car but getting the 255hp model may leave you frustrated at the lack of freedom with colour picking.

The base Stinger can only be purchased with white, black or silver and these are the sort of colours that can be described as dull for a performance vehicle. Exciting or striking colours like blue and red are reserved for the higher end trims only.

The feeling of picking the right Stinger that fits a limited budget feels like buying a Honda car all over again due to the restrictions applied on the colour options. What a bummer.