Kia Stinger GT: Brand Perception Repelling Buyers In Down Under

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Kia has officially launched the Stinger GT but this is only in its home country, South Korea, and some other regions. Today, the Stinger GT takes a step closer into becoming a global car after Kia announced the pricing of the sports sedan for the Australian market.

Kia Australia revealed that the Stinger GT will go on sale later this month and prices for the vehicle will start at $48,990. The range-topping model will retail at $59,990 and you will need to fork out this amount if you want to enjoy the Stinger GT with a 3.3L V6 mill.

Despite still being affordable when compared to other vehicles of similar power, Australians are not taking too kindly with the pricing. Many were seen commenting on various auto sites, “Kia cars above $50,000 are not worth it”.

From this, we can see that Aussies view Kia as a manufacturer for cheap cars hence they can’t accept the high calling price of the Stinger GT. It is the exact opposite here in the US with more people anticipating the Stinger GT with excitement.

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  1. Steve

    August 10, 2017 at 2:12 pm

    Personally, the Hype that the Stinger has received has upped the price, but then again, in OZ, i don’t think they really care when everyone was talking about a replacement/substitute for the Holden & Ford.
    Rest of the world they are looking at competing with the BMs, Merc, Audi, Lexus and others and it is for these people that the stinger really is an alternative choice. Not for the OZ market for Holden & Ford people.

    If you can buy any of the top! cars, then you have an alternate choice in KIA STINGER.
    I’ll be blunt, Holden & Ford affordable in OZ, but KIA is looking/targeting at the people who might be interested in buying BMs, Merc, Audi, Lexus and others… why cos they can afford it.

    I rather pay what I was expecting within reason or buy some other small car , VW GTI, Subaru or something else. Fun car for me on weekends and long trips…. but not what Kia wants for a STINGER.

    So I gather most here are thinking of cancelling the pre-order (KIA thinks they released the price to appease us, but heck, WTF!
    I am interested to know how many are willing to say, put pen to paper and say, sign a letter especially the ones here in OZ who have put a deposit and want to pullout.
    Few have mentioned we could have been their ambassaders, Marketeers, and so on….
    Imagine if even half of the pre-orders were cancelled, and why are the prices not the website yet?

    Please luv to hear from you all interested in and maybe app_master could assist in assisting.

    STUNG like bee! and they certainly stood by their Tag Line. POWER to SURPRISE.