Kia Stinger GT: Drifting Brings Torture To Rear Wheels!

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It is an exciting time to be a Kia fan right now as the carmaker is putting more focus in developing performance cars and their latest product is made to offer just that.

Known as the Stinger GT, the large performance sedan is powered by a 3.3L V6 engine that can develop 365hp and the car is priced at only $33,000. Everything sounds great for the Stinger GT until we stumbled upon a video of an early owner drifting on the car.

The Kia Stinger GT in the clip was doughnuts but its oversized measurements made the rear tires look like they are about to explode at any given moment. In the clip, the Stinger GT is reminiscent of a brick sliding around the tarmac. Can a aftermarket tires fix this?