Kia Stinger GT Exposes Flawed Luxuries Infiniti!

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So, the last weekend saw several major reviewers taking out the newly launched Kia Stinger GT out for a spin and they all compared the car to the likes of Audi and even the BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe.

We have checked out the reviews and are astonished by the level of luxury that is offered with the Kia Stinger GT. Kia has certainly nailed it with the interior design and the materials used that gives off a premium feel.

Despite living up to its description, the Stinger GT is still but a hair behind BMW and Audi on the luxury end of things but Kia can rest easy as they have done a fabulous job with the car. If victory is to matter, the Stinger GT’s interior feels more expansive than those on Infiniti.

Infiniti’s cabin is pretty much akin to those from a decade ago and they never really improved when it comes to comfort and luxuries.

Perhaps, the Stinger GT can give the luxury arm of Nissan that wake-up call because the ordinary carmaker can offer superior cabin quality than a pure luxury brand. If this trend is to continue, it won’t be impossible for future Kia cars to outdo the Japanese luxury heavyweights.

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  1. Infiniti

    November 25, 2017 at 5:12 pm

    In your dreams.