Kia Stinger GT To Breed Performance Wagons!

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Wagons may not be as popular as before but this is not stopping carmakers from catering to the market. Kia, in particular, is hoping to win the hearts of every wagon-lover out there as they are working on an affordable sports fastback that is based on the Stinger GT.

The success of the Stinger GT has motivated Kia to offer more performance vehicles in the near future and the car that is next-in-line is now identified as a fastback.

Due to make its unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this week, the Fastback Concept will highlight on its performance goals and wagon-like practicality. The leak design concept is as pictured above and those that have viewed it are hoping for the finalized design to be no different.

When the Fastback Concept turns into a production vehicle, it will be joining the Stinger GT as part of Kia’s sports line-up. Are you excited?