Kia Stinger Hatchback Is Coming But With A Different Name!

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Kia had just launched their first ever pure sports car and the vehicle turns out to be a massive hit in the automotive scene. The Stinger managed to appeal to a large crowd as it offers a stellar performance and comfort all while being priced with an affordable MSRP.

With many already putting their money on the Stinger, the success of the vehicle may drive Kia into developing more performance-tuned vehicles. Just yesterday, Kia admitted to this when giving the public an update on the Cee’d and they revealed that the Stinger has led them to make changes on the Cee’d concept from last year.

The update adds in more sportiness to the Cee’d’s design and Kia even dropped the ridiculous apostrophe in the name. From here onwards, the upcoming hatchback will be known as the Ceed and it is now being linked to arrive with a sporty trim that sources its power from the Stinger.

This means that the Ceed could have the 3.3L twin-turbo engine and a teaser of it will surface at the next Geneva Motor Show. If this does come true, it will make it right to call the Ceed as the hatchback version of the Stinger.