Kia Stinger: Is 2L Turbo More Valuable Than 3.3L Variant?

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What is there not to like about the new Kia Stinger? The car is fast, powerful and affordable too. Kia is selling the Stinger with two different mills and while both of them are great, many are indecisive on which motor to get with the sports car.

We spoke to a number of those that are unwilling to settle for the $32,800 model which relies on the 3.3L twin-turbo engine as they believe that they can save a few thousands by picking the 2L powered variant before giving it an aftermarket tune.

Well, if you feel the same way, then you should be prepared to lose your warranty because any engine tune will void it. Kia may be one of the most reliable brands out there but the Stinger is still pending to prove its worth so you wouldn’t want to risk losing your warranty.

Despite Kia going in the right direction in recent years, it is still not at Ford’s level of aftermarket support. The latter has got tuners like Mount Tune that won’t disrupt warranty whereas Kia has nothing at the moment.

So if you really desire for a faster Kia without worrying about any potential blips, you should simply adopt the Stinger with the 3.3L unit.