Kia Stinger: Sluggish Movement Is Really Positive For The Car

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Don’t get us wrong. The Kia Stinger is never a sluggish performer as the 3.3L twin-turbo V6 engine it runs on is powerful enough for the car to challenge some of the best affordable sports cars in the market.

When we mentioned sluggish in the title above, we are referring to sales of the vehicle here in the US. The Stinger has received wide praises from car enthusiasts worldwide and this has left us curious over how well the vehicle will sell.

Today, the April sales numbers were released online and it revealed that Kia has moved 1,378 Stingers. This is about 60% of the Audi A5/S5/RS5 and 75% of the Infiniti Q50 that were sold in the same month.

For an affordable sports car, the Stinger has certainly missed it sales mark but the achievement in April has painted a positive potential in the future. For starters, the Stinger is gradually increasing in numbers since its debut.

Secondly, the Stinger is barely 3 months into the market and it’s normal for a slow start to happen due to the establishment of supply. Last but not least, the Stinger is not getting a lot of public attention hence the sales figures thus far has actually exceeded expectations.

Once the foundations have stabilized, Kia won’t have to do much aside from amplifying the Stinger’s marketing program and they can hope to see some record-breaking sales numbers by then.