Koenigsegg Agera RS: Bugatti Chiron Is Not Everything Fast!

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The Bugatti Chiron is a car in its own league as it has a performance which no other cars can rival. That was the case until today when Swedish hypecar manufacturer Koenigsegg decided to break their silence on the matter.

Koenigsegg went public to take the attention away from the Bugatti Chiron and they did so by sending the Agera RS out to create a new speed record.

With racer driver Niklas Lilja sitting at the cockpit, the Agera RS made no delays to hit 400km/h from stop before coming to a complete stop. Just to refresh your memory, the Chiron created this record last month with a timing of 41.96 seconds.

The Agera RS did it in (insert Jeremy Clarkson’s voice here) 3-6-point-4-4-seconds. 36.44 seconds is significantly better than what the Chiron has achieved and this makes the Agera RS the true champion in this department.