Koenigsegg Agera RS Record Run Is Not The Real Deal!

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Last week, Koenigsegg brought out the Agera RS to Nevada for a speed run and it ended with the car creating a new speed record on the empty road. The Agera RS finished the run with a peak speed of 278MPH and today you can relive the moment in the eyes of the driver.

This is thanks to a POV clip of the Agera RS speed record run in Nevada that got released online and it will give you a virtual thrill like no other. We have seen the clip and it was then when we realized that the Agera RS didn’t hit full stride during the record attempt.

If you are to check out the clip embedded below, you will see that the driver sort of held back during the acceleration to 150MPH. We can confirm on this because the burst into speed is not as fast as the recent video of the Agera RS breaking the Chiron 0-400-0 record. Share us what you think of this below.