Koenigsegg Agera RS Sends The Wrong Message In Top Speed Record!

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The Koenigsegg Agera RS is one of the few cars that can compete closely with the Bugatti Chiron and this explains why many are curious to see the top speed which the vehicle can achieve.

Today, we can confirm that the Agera RS can hit 200MPH with ease and this is thanks to a released footage of the Agera RS’ top speed attempt at Pahrump, Nevada, last month.

The car was sent to Nevada for an extreme run and the speed it achieved is impressive. But unfortunately, the desired message was not sent to the viewers as some individuals noticed something wrong with the video.

In case you are wondering what it is, the Agera RS driver was spotted toying with the in-cabin slate while traveling beyond 200MPH. What these folks don’t realize is that scrolling through the computer is actually pretty common in the motorsport industry and it is something that does not warrant criticism.

The only thing worth criticizing is if the dangerous act of distracted driving is applied on public roads where innocent lives are at stake.