Lamborghini Relinquish Boring Garage Queen Status

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Lamborghini is an iconic supercar manufacturer in the automotive scene and this can be said as a curse to the carmaker. Despite making cars that can hit extreme speeds, the high MSRP has led many buyers to keep their vehicles in the garage as a symbol of their financial power.

In short, Lamborghinis are not being driven like how they are made to be and enthusiasts are not happy for it. This has led many to call the Huracan, Aventador and many others as superb cars that have been chained in the garage.

Well, we can start dropping the stigma on Lamborghinis for now because a video had just popped up online and it shows a large group of Lamborghini owners getting together for a single-purpose – to let loose.

The clip saw the Lambos drifting and performing doughnuts at the car meet and we have to say that it is a nice change of sight. It’s just good to see sports cars, or even supercars, being driven devilishly like how they are made to be.