Latest BMW 5-Series Drawing Complaints From Dealers

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What is there not to like about the latest BMW 5-Series? The car ticks every box for being a fully attractive, full capable luxury sedan thus explaining why there is a strong demand for the vehicle.

The only problem here is that the 5-Seris is too popular here in the US that it has got a lot of dealers complaining. The dealers are not in a good mood because there is not enough supply to handle the vast demand for the 5-Series.

For BMW, they see it as a nice problem to have. After being second best to Mercedes-Benz for a lengthy period of time, the new 5-Series can allow them to edge past their blood rival.

Today, orders made for the 5-Series can leave the buyers waiting for a full month before being able to receive the car. We can expect BMW to pump up volume to ease the stress on the dealers and it will be interesting to see where the sales figures stand at the end of this year.