Lexus LC500: Getting A Used Model May Put You On Long Wait

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One of the good things about Lexus is that they are finally opening up to produce more performance cars. This means that Lexus will finally be an exciting brand in the market, unlike how it was in the past.

The all-new LC500 is a great example of excitement as the car offers a great performance that also spared a little thought on daily drivability. For a vehicle that rides on a V8 engine, the LC500 is much better than rival vehicles in terms of fuel economy.

The only problem with the LC500, as well as other Lexus vehicles, is that they are not cheap to own. If you are a basic incomer like the mass majority, you may need to look at the used market if you want to own the LC500 for a cheap.

This method will work out well for any vehicles but unfortunately, however, not the LC500. This is because the cars from Lexus depreciate slowly. One example is with the Lexus IS, which is able to retain about 50% of its MSRP in 7 years.

If the numbers are to be no different for the LC500, then you should be prepared for a long wait until you can finally adopt the car.