Lexus LFA Is Not Overpriced, Here’s Why

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2012 was the last time we saw the Lexus LFA being available for purchase at the dealers and we can’t wait to see the LFA nameplate making a return. The LFA was the fastest car in the entire Toyota family and it was also the most expansive model too.

With a price tag of $375,000, it is understandable why many perceive the LFA as something that is overpriced. The LFA has 553hp to offer from a 4.8L V10 engine and consumers can get more power for a lesser fee from rival supercars.

We are guilty for having the same perception but our thoughts changed when we saw a video of the LFA’s production. The amount of effort and passion applied in the development of the LFA was so huge that it makes the large price tag look cheap.

You can check out the clip of the LFA’s production below and you will be surprised by it.